Total Shoulder Replacement

Physical Therapy after Shoulder Replacement in Kansas City

Total shoulder replacements are most common in individuals with severe arthritis.

A total shoulder replacement surgery is a procedure designed for individuals with severe pain and stiffness in their shoulder due to arthritis or degenerative joint disease of the shoulder. Arthritis in the shoulder can result in a loss of its smooth cartilage surface, leading to the inability for the ball (humeral head) and socket (glenoid) to move smoothly against one another. This leads to pain and the loss of motion in the shoulder joint.

Indications for a Total Shoulder Replacement

Pain and symptoms that may indicate need for TSA include:
  • Severe pain
  • No changes in pain with conservative treatments
  • Anti-inflammatory injection or medications
  • Cortisone injection
  • Physical therapy
  • Rest
  • Progressive loss of motion and stiffness of the shoulder

Post Op Treatment of a
Total Shoulder Replacement

Rehabilitation is critical after a total shoulder replacement in order to regain motion and function. Treatment interventions in the early phase of rehab include soft tissue work, such as ART or dry needling, and passive range of motion exercises in order to maintain the motion that was gained during the surgery. In the later phases of physical therapy for a total shoulder replacement, rehab interventions include soft tissue work, joint mobilizations, active range of motion exercises, and progressive strength exercises to restore motion and regain full function of the shoulder.

Physical Therapy Treatment of
Total Shoulder Replacement at F.I.T.


After a thorough evaluation, our doctors will tailor a physical therapy treatment plan that is unique to your situation and your goals. In addition to the treatments outlined above, the team at F.I.T. Muscle & Joint Clinic emphasizes re-educating and correcting movement patterns that often place undo stress on the shoulder joint and subsequently, the shoulder labrum.

A main area of focus with our patients is working on building control, coordination, and strength in shoulder and scapular region, while also correcting proper rhythm and timing between two. Our treatment process is comprehensive to cause a lasting change for better long term results.

Possible Treatments for Total Shoulder Replacement

Active Release Technique

physical therapy as part of your normal routine

Rehabilitation Exercises

Post-Operative Physical Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if I need total shoulder replacement?

Whether or not you need a total shoulder replacement is a decision between you and your orthopedist. The degree of arthritis in the shoulder is determined with x-rays. However, x-rays in and of themselves do not indicate whether surgery is your best option. Imaging, coupled with your symptoms and functional abilities/inabilities, will drive the necessity of a total shoulder replacement. Our doctors at F.I.T. are ready to speak with you regarding your options when it comes to shoulder osteoarthritis.

Can a physical therapist help with shoulder replacement problems?

Yes! Our physical therapists are well trained and highly skilled in working with patients who have had total shoulder replacements and reverse total shoulder replacements. Once you receive surgery for a shoulder replacement, physical therapy is in your near future to optimize your outcomes and improve your function with a shoulder replacement.

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