Ligament Sprains

Physical Therapy Treatment for Ligament Sprains in Kansas City

As an active individual, the opportunity to experience a ligament sprain is quite high.

A ligament sprain involves either partial or full tearing of the connective tissue fibers that make up the ligament itself as it connects bone to bone. Ligament sprains can commonly occur during repetitive and/or forceful movements as well as in instances where a joint experiences a rapid, uncontrolled movement, such as twisting an ankle. When a ligament is sprained it predisposes that area to subsequent injuries and makes it more likely to sprain the ligament again. While ligament sprains are often seen in athletes and those participating in recreational activities, they can happen in any, and sometimes unsuspecting, population and event such as stepping off of a curb.

Symptoms of
Ligament Sprains

Pain and Symptoms of a ligament sprain may include (depending on the ligament and area affected):

  • Muscle aches and pain in the surrounding muscle groups
  • Swelling in the affected and surrounding area
  • Redness or bruising around the injured region
  • Sensitivity to touch
  • Warmth with recent sprains
  • Weakness in the affected joint/region
  • Feeling of instability or a lack of control of affected area

Treatments for Ligament Sprains

Physical Therapy Treatment for Ligament Sprains in Kansas City from F.I.T. Muscle & Joint Clinic include soft tissue work to the involved area and surrounding areas in order reduce inflammation, decrease pain, and restore normal range of motion. Once the injury has progressed past the acute stage, pain is controlled and joint mobility has been restored, we utilize certain exercises to improve motor control, proprioception, and strength. It’s important that you receive treatment not only for the affected ligament itself, but also for the structures above and below the area in which you are experiencing symptoms in. This will help maximize your recovery.

Our Treatment Process

Our team at F.I.T. Muscle & Joint Clinic utilizes a variety of physical therapy treatments for ligament sprains in Kansas City, including manual therapy, soft tissue treatments, and rehabilitative exercises in our approach to the management of ligament sprains. The first goals of treatment are to decrease pain and restore joint function. Even when the pain has stopped, treatment has not.

With any ligament sprain or connective tissue injury, the body’s ability to tolerate load in that area has been compromised; the affected tissue may still be in a weakened and vulnerable state, predisposing the tissue to re-occurring injuries. Our interventions address not only pain, but restore overall function for lasting changes and aid in further injury prevention, leaving you better than before.

Possible Treatments for Ligament Sprains

For other treatment options, check out our chiropractic services for ligament sprains.

Active Release Technique

physical therapy as part of your normal routine

Rehabilitation Exercises

sports medicine physical therapy and chiropractic care

Sports Medicine & Performance

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the average knee ligament injury recovery time?

Average recovery time for an knee ligament injury is highly dependent on the severity of the injury and whether or not surgery is required. For a grade 1 sprain, normal recovery is 4 to 6 weeks, and for a grade 2 sprain it can take approximately 6 to 8 weeks to return to full activities (due to the normal tissue healing time). With a grade 3 sprain, recovery time may take up to 12 weeks. If surgery is required for your knee ligament injury, you will attend physical therapy in order to optimize your recovery. Based on your goals and what you are looking to return to, this may mean 6 months or more of rehabilitation.

I have a grade 2 knee sprain. Can a physical therapist help?

The F.I.T. physical therapists are well versed in sports medicine and are highly equipped to treat your grade 2 knee sprain in Kansas City. We will work with you to reduce any swelling and restore normal joint mobility, as well as re-establish normal tissue pliability and tension throughout the area. For full recovery, we will incorporate rehabilitation exercises to correct any muscular dysfunctions, strengthen any weakness, and improve flexibility where needed. We will also work with you to reduce the occurrence of re-injury.

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