Injury Prevention & Sports Performance

F.I.T. Muscle & Joint Clinic can assess an athletes movement and screen for dysfunctional movement patterns to determine if the athlete is at risk of injury. This screen is then accompanied by individual training and programming for injury prevention & enhanced sports performance in Kansas City. 

Physical Therapy Injury Prevention & Sports Performance in Kansas City

Injury Prevention & Sports Performance

Youth, adolescent and adult sports have grown to an unprecedented level. From increasing levels of competition, the volume of training put in on a weekly basis, and the rise in multi-sport participation, the demand and stress that we place on our bodies is ever-growing. All combined, this can lead to increasing amounts of injuries that occur which therefore take away the memories, life lessons, and skills that sports and competitions create. With this increase in stress that we place on our bodies comes a higher need to emphasize health and wellness for our athletes to ensure they are built for the demands that will be placed upon them in their sport. The F.I.T. Injury Prevention & Sports Performance Program in Kansas City is designed for this very purpose – to identify key problem areas that could contribute to injury and/or decreased performance, and create an individually tailored program to reduce these risks and elevate performance to stay on the field at the highest level.

What it Treats

Injury Prevention & Sports Performance in Kansas City can help with:

  • Assessing an athlete’s movement to identify any mobility, strength, and motor control deficits that increase the likelihood of injury 
  • Identifying areas of poor motor control, stiffness, pain, and weakness that can hinder performance. 
  • Creating an individually tailored program based on one’s specific needs to improve performance.

How Injury Prevention & Sports Performance Work

Our F.I.T. Physical Therapy Injury Prevention & Performance Program works by utilizing a combination of multiple tests and drills that the athlete goes through under the skilled guidance of one of our doctors. The goal is to accurately and objectively assess areas in need of addressing and treating to accurately and objectively assess critical areas unique to your individual sport and identify impairments that may put one at risk for injury. The tests we utilize are evidenced-based and include the Functional Movement Screen and Y-Balance Test, which have been proven to accurately identify areas that lack mobility and stability (motor control) throughout the body. We also assess strength and range of motion throughout the body to ensure these areas are not overlooked.

Once we have identified the unique needs of each athlete, we incorporate our other proven techniques that include soft tissue treatments and targeted exercise progressions to improve the strength, mobility, and stability of our athletes to create real, lasting changes. The end result of all of this? A significant, research-supported reduction in the amount of injuries our athletes sustain – keeping them healthy while doing the sports they love to do

Physical Therapy Injury Prevention & Sports Performance at F.I.T.

At F.I.T. Muscle & Joint Clinic, we take pride in developing and integrating individualized treatment and rehabilitation programs for our clients. This includes our athletes, from youth to adult, and why we’ve put so much effort into developing the best Injury Prevention & Sports Performance Program in the Kansas City area.

We want our athletes to play and keep playing the sports they love while staying healthy; after going through our program, we are certain they’ll be doing this, and doing it Better Than Before. 

Is the F.I.T. physical therapy injury prevention & sports performance program right for you?

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