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Physical Therapy in Liberty

Our F.I.T. Muscle & Joint physical therapists in Liberty use an evidence based, patient centered methodology. Our mission is to empower our patients to maximize their health, power and performance to become better than before. We utilize a “Functional Integrative Triage” (F.I.T.) approach to patient care in a one on one environment. 

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Pain Management

The most common reason for someone to come to a physical therapist is because they’re experiencing some kind of pain. And while there may be medicinal options to treat the symptom of your pain, neither opioids nor over-the-counter medications can effectively address the cause of your pain. Our physical therapists in Lee’s Summit are experts in not only identifying underlying conditions and causes of pain, but also in coming up with customized, innovative physical therapy solutions to help you actually improve and get better over time.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Whether it’s an injury from the field or everyday life, surgery may be required to address more severe concerns. But the majority of the time, surgery alone is not enough to address your issues and prevent them from recurring. That’s where physical therapy comes in. Our PT services in Lee’s Summit are a critical aspect of the pre- and post-surgical process. Following up your surgery with the appropriate and targeted post-operative rehab can involve any combination of physical therapy rehabilitation exercises and soft tissue therapies. This process will help ensure the results of your surgery are long-lasting and that you can actually return to your life and the activities you love, without worrying about re-injury or chronic pain.

Sports Performance & Injury Prevention

At F.I.T. Muscle & Joint Clinic in Lee’s Summit, our physical therapists are passionate about not only helping you recover from past injuries, but also about preventing future injuries. Athletes of all ages come to our PT clinic to better understand their body’s movements, including any potential dysfunctions, and enhance and optimize their performance.

A Better, Stronger You

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