Post Surgical Expectations in Kansas City

26 August 2019Physical Therapy

So you’ve had an operation. Now what? What are your post surgical expectations? Well first, it’s time for the rehab. 

Your surgeon worked hard to put the pieces back together during your operation. Now it’s your turn to put in the hard work with physical therapy. 

Think of it this way: your surgeon is putting the tires on your car. Your physical therapist is responsible for aligning the tires to make sure the car runs smoothly. 

Depending on your surgery, you may spend a few weeks or a few months working with a physical therapist to regain full function. And while no two surgeries or rehabs are the same, there is a typical progression of therapy following surgery.

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Post surgical expectations: beginning physical therapy after surgery

post-surgical expectations for man after knee surgery

Based on the procedure/surgery, you may begin physical therapy a few days after surgery or a few weeks after. Your surgeon will give you—and us—instructions regarding your therapy start. 

First, we’ll go over the benefits of physical therapy in Kansas City. Then, we’ll reiterate any and all of your precautions to protect the surgical site. We will also be in close communication with your surgeon throughout your rehabilitation to make sure you are progressing as expected. Throughout, we will discuss with them any problems we may see along the way. 

Many people like to compare their experiences with others. However, there are many factors influence the recovery process that make it different for each individual. The most important thing to note is that rehab is often not a linear process. There will be ups and downs, including setbacks and leaps forward, during your treatment. Overall, patience and consistency are key to rehabilitation.

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What does a typical physical therapy visit look like?

what expectations should you have post-surgery?

The first few visits to your physical therapist in Kansas City will focus on getting your pain under control, minimizing any swelling you may be experiencing, and getting your range of motion back.

We will typically start with "passive range of motion," meaning your therapist will be moving your joint for you to stretch out tightness. Gentle joint mobilizations will be performed to improve the mobility of the extremity, and soft tissue work will be implemented to reduce tension in the muscles.

Once your passive range of motion has been restored, pain has been managed, and swelling reduced, you will begin actively moving your extremity and progressing toward the strengthening phase. 

Not only are pure strengthening exercises incorporated, but functional movements and sport-specific activities for athletes throughout your rehabilitation will be emphasized as well. 

What happens after physical therapy?

kansas city physical therapist helps patient with post-surgical expectations

After physical therapy, we'll assess your recovery and discuss your progress with your surgeon. Once you're able to pass a battery of tests, you may be released back to sport and full activity. 

It is always beneficial to have periodic follow ups with your therapist to make sure you are maintaining the necessary functionality of your body after a surgery; it can take up to two years for full healing of repaired tissue! 

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Physical therapy helps you optimize your surgery and recovery and prevent the occurrence of re-injury. The physical therapists at F.I.T. Muscle & Joint Clinic are well trained and have extensive experience in treating surgical cases. 

Contact us today to learn more about post surgical expectations and to work with one of our highly skilled physical therapists to get you back to the speed of life—safely and efficiently.