Time to consider adding physical therapy as a part of your normal routine

05 October 2023Lifestyle, Physical Therapy, Preventative Care

physical therapy as part of your normal routine

You work hard to stay in shape. You eat right. You work out several times a week. But you can’t help but feel like there’s something holding you back. Maybe it’s that neck pain that you can’t seem to get rid of during the work week, or that nagging knee injury that just won’t go away and is starting to affect your gym routine.

Have you ever thought about trying Physical Therapy?

We’ll go ahead and answer that question for you. You’re probably going to say something like “Of course not. Why would I go to PT if I haven’t had an injury?” That response would be an understandable one, but what if we told you that physical therapy wasn’t just for people recovering from a surgery or a major injury?

What if by adding physical therapy as part of your normal routine, you could end up with less pain, better recovery, better performance, and a better overall quality of life?

Guessing by now we have your attention. 

The reality of it is, many of us live with these limitations. We ignore those aches and pains until they really start to interfere with our lives, but the best way to treat an injury is to prevent it altogether. By adding physical therapy as part of your recovery process and addressing those aches and pains early, you can help to avoid a more serious injury down the line, which would likely result in physical therapy anyway.

Look, we know what you’re going to say. “But PT is expensive, and I just can’t afford it.” Again, we understand, but some things are worth taking care of. You wouldn’t drive your new Mercedes for years without having the oil changed and the tires rotated, so why would you avoid the required maintenance on your body, the only vehicle you’ll ever have that can’t be replaced.

Like we said before, the best way to treat an injury is to prevent it, so next time you feel that twinge of knee pain that just won’t go away, go see a Physical Therapist and let them show you what good they can do for your body.