Relief From Vertigo in Kansas City

25 September 2019Physical Therapy

Relief From Vertigo In Kansas City

Have you ever experienced the world around you spinning and spinning? Do you feel like you have been on a roller coaster and everything feels off? You could be experiencing vertigo, dizziness, or symptoms of an underlying vestibular dysfunction.

At F.I.T. Muscle & Joint Clinic, we help patients all over the Kansas City metro area pinpoint the underlying cause of their vertigo. Using the latest proven techniques and methods, we treat their symptoms and help them find relief.

Keep reading to learn more about how to find relief from vertigo.

What is vertigo?

Often used synonymously, vertigo and dizziness are two terms that describe things happening with the brain, eyes, and the ears. 

Dizziness is an internal sense of spinning, as if your body or head are going in circles. Vertigo, on the other hand, is when the world around you is spinning around and around. 

These symptoms can occur for a variety of reasons within your brain, inner ears, and your eyes. These three systems all work together to tell you where your body and head are at in space (your spatial awareness), and when the connection between these senses goes awry, your world can get turned upside down─literally. 

What could cause this? Rather than a diagnosis, vertigo and dizziness are symptoms of some underlying cause. 

Causes of vertigo

The first step to finding relief from vertigo in Kansas City is to understand the various causes of it. We’ve provided an overview of these causes below.

BPPV: Positional changes cause the room to spin around and around. Lying down in bed and turning to one side is often a provoking movement for this diagnosis.

Vestibular Hypo/Hyperfunction: One inner ear is not quite up to par or is working overtime, which leads to dizziness or vertigo as well as a variety of other symptoms. 

Post-concussion: You had a concussion in the past, but the symptoms never seemed to have gone away completely, leaving you with headaches and bouts of dizziness or vertigo. Mood changes or irritability are also common with post-concussion syndrome. 

Migraines: Most often people think of migraines as a pounding headache with an aura, but not all migraines present the same. Sometimes they don’t have a headache at all and present with more dizziness or fogginess. 

Orthostatic Hypotension: When moving from a sitting position to a standing position you feel lightheaded, dizzy and/or faint when this condition is present. This is a form of low blood pressure and could be caused by different conditions like dehydration, medication side effects, or sitting for long periods of time. 

There are many other possible causes for dizziness and vertigo, so it is important to get a thorough vestibular evaluation to determine the root of the problem. 

A variety of tests will determine which inner ear the symptoms are coming from and how much vision is a component. Treatment is initiated once the side is determined (unless it is a bilateral or central condition, of course). 

How does F.I.T. treat vertigo in Kansas City?

Vestibular therapy involves all three of these systems: the brain, the eyes, and the inner ear. These three systems are the vestibular, vision, and somatosensory systems. All of them work together so your body knows where you are in space without having to think about it. Our therapy addresses each of these systems. 

Vestibular dysfunctions are very treatable in most cases. Individuals see an improvement in their symptoms rather quickly after receiving the appropriate treatment!

If you experience dizziness or vertigo, contact the F.I.T. team to schedule an evaluation today!