The Importance of Multi-Sport Training in Kansas City

08 March 2020Physical Therapy

multi-sport training in Kansas City

What you do during your primary sport’s offseason has a large impact on how well you maintain your fitness levels for the next season. You can always implement a sport-specific training program, but you also shouldn’t ignore the importance of multi-sport training in Kansas City. 

At F.I.T. Muscle & Joint Clinic, variety is the foundation of all of our services and treatments. That’s why multi-sport training works so well for many of our clients; it allows them to stay in shape while strengthening muscles and joints they don’t normally use. It can also be a helpful addition to your off-season training program!

If you’re still on the fence, keep reading to learn why multi-sport training is important for athletes. 

Multi-sport training helps avoid burnout

Whenever you’re training for the same sport over and over again, you may experience both physical and mental burnout. This could lead to less effective training sessions due to muscle exhaustion, loss of dedication, and boredom. You may also find yourself plateauing as your body gets used to the same exercises. 

Multi-sport training mixes up your regimen and allows your mind to stay sharp and ever-adaptive. 

Multi-sport training can reduce injury

If your joints have to carry similar movements without variation over long periods of time, it could cause wear and tear. We’re not saying this always happens, but it may be easier to overexert yourself if you’re always doing the same exercises. 

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By varying your exercise and training through multi-sport training, you reduce your risk of injury and give more of your muscles a chance to grow and stabilize.

Multi-sport training can reduce stress

Athletes who focus on only one sport  have the chance of advancing in only one sport, which can lead to a lot of pressure and even skew your performance due to stress and anxiety. On the other hand, if you broaden how many sports you play, you have more chances of becoming successful in different sports.

Multi-sport training helps improve overall fitness

Sport-specific training is great for gaining the necessary skills for one sport. But if you want to also improve your overall fitness, multi-sport training does wonders. By switching active muscles, endurance needs, and movement patterns, you strengthen all aspects of your body, not just certain components. 

Learn more about the importance of multi-sport training with F.I.T. Muscle & Joint Clinic. 

Our expert team of chiropractors, physical therapists, and sports-medicine experts is here to help you learn the importance of multi-sport training in Kansas City. We specialize in ensuring your muscles and joints are in tip-top shape to keep you playing for years to come. 

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